Thursday, January 6, 2011

Don't be afraid of the blinking lights...

If you're doing Weight Watchers or counting calories, this is a great site:

Dottie's Weight Loss Zone

Now, before you click on that link, I'm going to warn you: the page is kind of a mess with ads and links all over the place. But when you go to the front page, there's a little line of links across the top, under the banner, with a link to "Restaurants."

If you go there, and scroll down, you'll see just about every restaurant in the USA listed. Seriously. And she has almost the whole menu, including the calorie counts for the menu item, along with the corresponding Weight Watchers points (if you're doing that).

So I don't mind navigating her site since it's such a nice resource for all this information.

Check it out.

I'm going to take step aerobics tonight. Anyone else exercising "with" me?


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  1. I'll be treadmilling it. I like to set the incline at the max (15). Any incline make a huge difference in how many calories you burn. ;)

    Also! I tried a trick I learned from "eat this not that", and threw in a huge handful of blended (to a puree) spinach leaves into my spaghetti sauce... I didn't even taste a difference! I was thinking of trying this with all sauces in the future. It might make it turn a funny color, but the taste is the same, with a boost of vitamins :D