Sunday, January 23, 2011


How's everyone doing??

So I have the greatest breakfast, and it literally takes less than five minutes to make. It takes the same amount of time to heat up a Pop Tart, seriously.

  • One slice multigrain bread, toasted
  • One egg, scrambled, with a few pinches of cheddar cheese (I use the Mexican cheese blend.)
  • Two tablespoons Guacamole (Make sure you get REAL guacamole, not crap. Read the label. I bought mine at Trader Joes.)

I spread the guacamole on the slice of bread, put the cheesy scrambled egg on top of that, add a little salt-and-pepper, and it's awesome.

Yes, whole eggs can be fattening. Yes, guacamole can be fattening. But this whole sandwich (and let me tell you, it's very filling) is only 250 calories, and very flavorful.

I've also put salsa on top, and that's delicious. I just didn't have any this morning. Mike doesn't like guacamole, but I bought a pouch of real bacon crumbles (NOT Bac-O's, those are NOT real bacon), and you get the bacon flavor without all the calories of three slices of bacon to make a sandwich.

Any favorite quick-and-dirty breakfasts you like to eat in the morning?



  1. Whole eggs are great for protein though and that is what my nutritionist says I should stock up on

  2. Whenever we make dinner, we chop up a little extra of any vegetables or herbs going into the meal and put them in the fridge. Then in the morning we make EggBeater omelets with whatever we chopped recently. Green onions are awesome in an omelet, and the EggBeaters have no cholesterol.

  3. Granola and yogurt! Low-fat yogurt (either plain, or with fruit) and add granola... Henry's has a TON of different flavored granola, and they are delicious! Plus, granola is filling! Add some fruit to make it extra amazing :D

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