Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another tool

My husband pointed me to...

(Wait, I just realized I titled the post "Another tool" and then started out with "My husband." Haha.)

*Ahem* I'm probably only laughing because it's 5am while I'm writing this.


Another tool my husband showed me was the "Calories Per Day" Calculator, which tells you how many calories you actually burn just by existing. If you're following the calorie route, this might be a useful tool for you.

My goal for today (and going forward) is to drink more water during the day. Does anyone know if drinking Crystal Light gives you the same benefit as drinking straight water? For some reason I always feel more thirsty if I'm drinking a lot of Crystal Light. And Google isn't too helpful in finding an accurate answer to this question.

How's everyone else doing? Still up here on the wagon with me?



  1. I think the general rule is--if it doesn't contain caffeine or alcohol, it's as good as water. However, I think that might have changed recently, and now all liquids are ... good? Not that you should be drinking 64oz of caffeinated or alcoholic beverages daily, no matter how much you want to.

  2. I didn't realize this blog would be so dirty. :)

  3. So long as it's sugar-free, it should be just as good as water. Do you drink 8, 8oz glasses of water a day? I read that if we dont drink enough liquids, our bodies actually RETAIN water (like we retain fat if we dont eat breakfast). It's our bodies 'starvation mode', but for water. Try getting in at least 64oz a day, and I'll bet you'll drop a few lbs just from losing the excess retained water(prepare to pee a lot of 2-3 weeks,lol). But keep in mind, you can gain it all back if you stop drinking enough. ;)

    Also, I just bought "eat this, not that:supermarcket edition" and it's amazing. It has all kinds of alternative suggestions for what you normally buy (most of my groceries ended up on the "not that", good bye, Vitamin water D: ). I'm thinking of picking up the "Cook this, not that:meals for 350 calories or less" version. :)

  4. I LOVE the "Eat This Not That" cookbooks. We just got another one for Christmas. I make tons of stuff out of them, and it's fantastic.

    Thanks for the recs on the water situation, guys. I'll try drinking the 64 oz a day, and see where it gets me.

    Fingers crossed...

  5. I went out and bought a ton of healthy staples today- low-fat cheese, fat-free yogurt, dried fruit, chick peas... Committed to walking to work every day and working out twice a week on top of that, and controlling portion sizes. When it's cold like this, and I'm confronted by a nice hot, salty meal at work, I tend to dive in for seconds. Not necessary! Also nixing the after work "treat" of peanuts. And I bought a fancy water bottle with the same idea as you, Brig.

  6. Oh yeah! If you hate how plain water is, try using sugar free 'singles'. I get them in packs of 10 at the Dollar Tree (although I'm sure you can find them at most any dollar store, or normal grocery store). They come in a ton of flavors (crystal light has them, in fact!) I have fruit punch, lemonade, and raspberry. They have the perfect amount of flavoring for a 24oz water bottle (which is what most reusable water bottles carry). If you're using a regular bottle of water (the kind you buy in large packs at the store) then dont use all of the powder, or it will be WAY to strong. :)

  7. So, haven't made it to the gym as baby has been sick. Did walk dog two nights, but that' s not terribly exciting since it is so cold out. Is thre a place where I can type in what I eatand it tells mehow many calories it would Be?

  8. Yes! has a food log, and the database is HUGE. Check it out. I've been using it.